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    Greenwood Hills Community Club
    1501 N. Waterview Drive
    Richardson, TX 75080

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 830624
    Richardson, TX 75083

    What are the guest fees for swimming this summer?

    Guests & Social Members pay $10/Adult and $5/Child. All children under two (2) years gain entrance FREE of charge.

    What are the pool hours?
    The pool is open from Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend.


    Week 1
    Week 2 and full summer


    1PM - 8PM
    10AM - 8PM




    1PM - 8PM
    1PM - 8PM


    1PM - 8PM
    10AM - 8PM


    1PM - 9PM
    1PM - 9PM


    11AM - 9PM
    11AM - 9PM


    2PM - 8PM
    2PM - 8PM


    11AM - 9PM

    I am a member - can I use the parking lot to sell Girlscout cookies, Boyscout popcorn, or for other fundraising events?

    As a member of GHCC you are entitled to use the facility and its property for certain activities. The property's parking lot is available for certain uses provided that an adult member is present on site for the duration of the event, club terms & conditions have been reviewed, and rental waiver has been signed. Please use the Contact Form to initiate communication with the pool board so that we can prevent conflicting events.


    Additional FAQs


    Q: What are the rules for inclement weather during pool hours?

    A: The guards will evauate the pool for 30 minutes for thunder or lightning. Members are free to wait out the weather. The board has the final say to closing for the day if the weather is severe.

    Q: Can I add my babysitter to my membership?

    A: Yes, you are permitted to add your babysitter.

    Q: Does my child have to pass the swim test? 

    A: Children have to pass the swim test if they want to swim in the deep end or jump off the diving board.

    Q: Can my child wear goggles during the swim test?

    A: No, we do not permit goggles during the swim test

    Q: When are swim tests available?

    A: During adult swim only. This is for the saftey of everyone member at the club. The life guards are not staffed to hold swim tests outside of the adult swim time block.

    Q: Do children need to be chaperoned in the kiddie pool?

    A: Yes, children under twelve or who have not passed the swim test need to be supervised by parents while in the kiddie pool.

    Q: When is the snack shack open? 

    A: During adult swim only. The life guards are not staffed to keep the snack shack open outside of adult swim time block.

    Q: Can children play in the sand volleyball court?

    A: Children can only play in the sand volleyball court if a parent is present. Please do not bury items in the sand as this can cause injury.

    Q: Can children wear mermaid tails in the pool?

    A: Mermaid tails are highly discouraged due to the liability when the pool is crowded or childern are unchaperoned.

    Q: What happens if a child poops in the pool?

    A: Pool must be evaucated for XX time and cleaned per the maintanance company.

    Q: For additional questions:

    The Member Handbook is where all fees, rules, and club policies can be found. If you can't find what you are looking for there, or need clarification, please contact the and we can help you.